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Office Policies

Scheduling Appointments

Most of our patients either work or are school-aged. Many appointments will be scheduling during work or school hours. We have found that employers and school authorities cooperate in our joint efforts to further dental health. We do try to arrange shorter appointments before and after work and school when possible. Once braces or appliances are placed or delivered, patients are generally seen every 6 to 12 weeks.

We devote considerable time and effort into designing our scheduling system. First, we want to see you on time for each appointment. We are also very aware that your time is valuable.  We have allowed adequate time during each appointment to perform necessary procedures. As you can imagine, a well-organized schedule requires considerable structure tempered with flexibility.

Orthodontic treatment proceeds in stages. At some points in treatment what is needed is a nudge here and there, requiring a relatively short appointment. Longer appointments are fewer in number. Because the schedule is carefully crafted, your late arrival can make all the other patients after you run late. Please be considerate of other patients’ time. In order to avoid delay in treatment, please keep all scheduled appointments that have been designated by Drs. Feller and Feller.

Confirmation Calls

For your convenience and as a reminder for your appointment, you will receive a recorded message the evening before your appointment. Please refer to your appointment ticket to avoid any confusion or missed appointments.

Rescheduling Appointments

We ask that you give at least 24-hours notice to reschedule an appointment, as we have set aside time to accommodate your specific needs. Missed appointments or numerous appointment changes will inevitably result in an extension of your treatment time and could result in your dismissal as a patient. Our goal in scheduling appointments is to keep your treatment progressing and on time. Waiting or insisting on an after-school appointment can delay treatment.